Pretty Bay Beach at Sunset

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Birzebbuga Information

Birzebbuga is a charming southern coastal town, away from the hustle and bustle of the busy northern resorts. This town is simple in character, providing an opportunity to experience local lifestyles. The piazza (centre of town), is just a few minutes from your accommodation and here you will find typical shops, traditional bakeries, an open air market and the friendly locals doing ordinary everyday activities, like shopping for their families, going to work, chatting in the streets..

The 3km sea front provides for a pleasant walk or swim at one of two bays. The charming St. Georges Bay is peppered with colourful fishing boats and has a small beach. The larger Pretty Bay beach with the imposing freeport in the distance makes an interesting but also relaxing spot to soak up the rays of the sun as the occasional ship delivers its wares to the islands. A sea route established thousands of years ago, evidence of the rich history this area has.

St. George's Bay, Birzebbuga

The small sandy beach at St. George's Bay

The large sandy beach at pretty bay

Picturesque promenade walks

The popular Pretty Bay promenade

Festa time during August

Birzebbuga Location Details

Public Buses from/to Birzebbuga

Buses are very reasonable and you can purchase a 1 day pass for 2.60 or a weekly pass for 12.00.

The following routes operate direct from Birzebbuga
82 to/from Valletta - Floriana - Hamrun - Marsa - Paola - Tarxien - Zejtun - Bir Id-Deheb
210 to/from Bir Id-Deheb - Zejtun - Tarxien - Paola - Marsa - Msida - Mater Dei Hospital
X4 to/from Valletta - Floriana - Hamrun - Marsa - Luqa - Airport - Hal Far
119 to/from Marsaxlokk - Zejtun - Marsaskala

Marsa, Paola, Airport and Valletta are the main hubs from where you can connect to other locations around the island.

Distance  from/to Birzebbuga

Airport 6km
Blue Grotto 9km
Valletta 12km
Mdina 16km
Marsaxlokk Fishing Village 2km
Temples Sites 5km
St. Peters Pool/Delimara Point 6km


Birzebbuga boasts two sandy beach including a small beach at St. George's Bay which is very popular with the locals. The large beach known as Pretty Bay is well serviced and you can hire sunbeds and parasols. You can also hire small boats, pedalos and other basic beach activities. There is an abundance of places from where you can grab a snack anytime of the day.

If you prefer to swim of rocks, the sea can be accessed from most of the coast line and it is crystal clear, ideal for snorkelling.

Bars & Restaurants

There are an abundance of places where you can eat and drink and most of them stay open all year round. Restaurants vary from snack bars, pizzeria's, bistros and one of the most unique restaurants in Malta called Ferretti. In general prices are reasonable and a large size pizza or main course of pasta costs between 8 and 10, a plate including chicken, steak or fresh start at 15. If you want to try something local, how about a Fenkata which means a Rabbit meal and considered to be the most popular traditional dish.

Birzebbuga also has a good choice of small bars and most of them are located along the coast. Driking in bars is not considered as expensive. As such Birzebbuga is a quiet location and does not have a nightlife scene, however there are two bars that open late and these can be considered as the main hang out for younger people before they move onto the nightlife in the main towns.

In general Birzebbuga is a quiet and peaceful location, however it does get busier during the weekends with locals visiting for a night out. During the peak summer season from July to mid September the seafront is busy with locals strolling the picturesque promenade during the cooler summer nights or eating and drinking at one the many al fresco bars and restaurants.

Local Festivities


Just like all the other towns and villages in Malta, Birzebbuga celebrates the 'festa'. This is a local tradition dating back hundreds of years and is still going strong. The festa in Birzebbuga is held on the first Sunday during August, however preparation and other events are held from the Monday previous.

This traditional event is held in honor of 'St. Peter', the patron saint of Birzebbuga. The church and piazza are beautifully decorated with lights and drapes, the streets are lined with hawker stalls and the local band club play popular music related to this traditional event. If you want to get into the spirit of the 'festa' you may want to follow the procession and band playing music around the streets on Sunday. The climax to the festa event is when the procession returns back to the church with the statue of the patron saint held high, the village band plays the traditional Festa theme and the aerial fireworks are let off in celebration.



Shops are normally open from 0730hrs to 1230hrs/1600hrs to 1900hrs from Monday to Friday and 0730hrs to 1230hrs on Saturday. There many shops in the town including grocery stores, bakeries, butchers, confectioneries, stationers etc...

Large Supermarkets
Birzebbuga does not have large supermarkets. The closest one is located in Bir Id-Deheb which is approx. 4km or 5 mins by bus with route numbers 82 and 210